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Mã SP: GLC2500-TC41-24V
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Model GLC2500-TC41-24V
Recommended Substitute
Recommended Substitute
Type TFT Color LCD
Display Colors 256 colors (no blink)/ 64 colors (3-speed blink)
(software control)*1
Backlight CCFL (Service life: more than 50,000 at 24 hr. operation)
Resolution 640 × 480 pixels
Effective Display Area (mm) 211.2(W) × 158.4(H)
Brightness Control 4 levels of adjustment available via touch panel
Contrast Control -
Language Character Sets ASCII: (Code page 850) Alphanumeric (incl. European characters)
Chinese: (GB2312-80 codes) simplified Chinese fonts
Japanese: ANK 158, Kanji: 6962 (JIS Standards 1 & 2)
Korean: (KSC5601 - 1992 codes) Hangul fonts
Taiwanese: (Big 5 codes) traditional Chinese fonts
Text 8 × 8 dots 80 Char. × 60 rows
8 ×16 dots 80 Char. × 30 rows
16 × 16 dots 40 Char. × 30 rows
32 × 32 dots 20 Char. × 15 rows
Character Sizes*2 8 × 8 dots, 8 × 16 dots, 16 × 16 dots, 32 × 32 dots
Font Sizes Width can be expanded 1 to 8 times
Height can be expanded 1/2*3, 1 to 8 times
Application Memory 4MB FLASH EPROM
Data Backup Memory SRAM 256KB - uses lithium battery*4
Control Memory*5

Program Area: FLASH EPROM 128KB
Variable Area: SRAM 64KB- uses lithium battery*4

Touch Panel Resolution 32 × 24 keys/ screen - 1 or 2 point touch
Serial Interface Asynchronous Transmission: RS-232C/ RS-422,
Data Length: 7 or 8 bits, Stop bit: 1 or 2 bits,
Parity: Odd or Even,
Data Transmission Speed: 2400bps to 115.2Kbps, 187.5Kbps*6
Expansion Serial
Asynchronous Transmission: RS-232C
Data Length: 7 or 8 bits
Stop Bit: 1 or 2 bits
Parity: None, Odd or Even
Data Transmission Speed: 2400bps to 38.4kbps
Network Interface IEEE802.3, 10BASE-T
CF Card
1 slot
Expansion CF Card
CF Card Front Maintenance Unit Connector
Sound Output
External Speaker Connection (Terminal Block)
Monaural 1CH
Speaker Output 70mW (Rated Load: 8Ω, Frequency: 1kHz)
Sound Line Out Output 2.7Vp-p (Rated Load: 10kΩ)
Wire Gauge: AWG28 to AWG16
Remote Reset Input Remote Reset Input: 1 point,
Input Voltage: DC24V ±10%,
Input Current: 4mA (TYP), Min. Input Pulse Width: 2ms
Operating Voltage: (When ON) Min. DC21.1V/ (When OFF) Max. DC3V
Isolation Method: Photocoupler Isolation
Multi Drop Connection
200m/CH at 6Mbps,
100m/CH at 12Mbps
Cyclic Data Transfer, Half-duplex
6Mbps/ 12Mbps
Differential, pulse-transformer isolation
Error Check Format Test, Bit Test, CRC-12 Test
Max. Number
of Nodes
63 (1008 I/O points)
Printer Interface Compatible with NECPC-PR201/PL, EPSON ESC/P24-J84(C), HP Laser Jet, PCL 4 command, EPSON PM/Stylus (6-color ink), EPSON Stylus (4-color ink) compatible printers*7
Tool Connector Asynchronous TTL level nonprocedure command I/F

Used for transferring data between the GLC application software and the GLC.
Used for data transfer with the 2-Port feature.

Used for a variety of devices, including a bar-code reader.
  1. Changing the "Colors" setting to "256 colors" will disable the blink feature on all your project screens. If you wish to use the blink feature, do not change this setting to "256 colors."
  2. The display font will differ depending on which (language) character, or which size you select.
  3. Only available when using "1/2 Byte Character" settings via software. (Only Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean characters.)
  4. A Lithium battery's lifetime is:
    10 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 40℃
    4.1 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 50℃
    1.5 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 60℃
    When used for backup:
    Approximately 60 days, with a fully charged battery
    Approximately 6 days, with a half-charged battery
  5. The 128-KB program area is allotted in SRAM for online editing use.
  6. SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200/300/400 series (MPI port only). Please contact your Pro-face sales representative for supported models and other details.
  7. Printers with only Windows drivers cannot be used. However, certain types of printers with both Windows® and DOS® drivers can be used. For details, contact your local GLC distributor.

General Specifications

Model GLC2500-TC41-24V
Electrical Rated Voltage DC24V AC100 to 240V
Rated Voltage Range DC19.2 to DC28.8V AC85 to 265V
Power Consumption 50W or less 50VA or less (ACIN100V)
85VA or less (ACIN240V)
Allowable Voltage Drop 10ms or less 1 cycle or less
(Actual drop must be less than 1 second)
Voltage Endurance AC1000V, 20mA for up to 1 minute
(between charging and FG terminals)
AC1500V, 20mA for up to 1 minute
(between charging and FG terminals)
Insulation Resistance

10MΩ or higher at DC500V
(between charging and FG terminals)

Environmental Ambient Operating Temperature*8 0 to 50℃
Storage Temperature -20 to 60℃
Ambient Humidity 10 - 90% RH
(non-condensing wetbulb temperature 39℃ or less)
Storage Humidity 10 - 90% RH
(non-condensing wetbulb temperature 39℃ or less)
Vibration Resistance Compatible with IEC61131-2
When vibration is NOT continuous:
10Hz to 57Hz 0.075mm, 57Hz to 150Hz 9.8m/s2
When vibration is continuous:
10Hz to 57Hz 0.035mm, 57Hz to 150Hz 4.9m/s2
X, Y, Z directions for 10 times (80min.)
Noise Immunity Noise Immunity:1500Vp-p
Pulse Duration: 1µs, Rise Time: 1ns
(via noise simulator)
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity 6kV (complies with IEC 61000-4-2 Level 3)
Corrosive Gasses Free of corrosive gases
Structural Grounding 100Ω or less, or your country's applicable standard
Ratings Equivalent to IP65f (JEM1030), NEMA#250 TYPE 4X/12*9
External Dimensions 317W × 243H × 58D
Weight 3.5kg (7.72lb) or less
Cooling Method Natural air circulation
  1. When installing the GLC in a cabinet or enclosure, the term “ambient operation temperature” indicates the cabinet or enclosure’s internal temperature. The LCD displays may occasionally blur when they are used for hours at over 40℃ ambient operating temperature. This is a temporary phenomenon. After the temperature returns to normal, the display will be restored to normal. The GLC's operation will not be affected even though the display is blurred.
  2. The degree of protection provided by these products is equivalent to IP65f, however their performance cannot be guaranteed for every environment. Be sure to confirm your work environment requirements prior to installation.


GLC2500-TC41-2*V 外形寸法図










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