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Chất phủ bóng bề mặt sàn

Thùng 18.5Kg tương đương 20L


Product Description

A high solid content finish with metal cross link polymers, 20 PLUS sets up a hard, durable coating which lasts for weeks and produces a bright, clear gloss even without buffing. 20 PLUS is the ideal product to provide the exclusive look and extra protection for your high visibility floors.

Areas of Use

20 PLUS is ideal for vinyl surfaces and is also suitable for a wide variety of other floor types such as rubber, wood strip, parquet and other synthetic tiles. It can also be used for terrazzo, marble and granite.

Special Features

·         Contains 20% solids.

·         Self-priming; no sealer or undercoat is required.

·         Cost-efficient coverage: 1st coat ~ 40 m2/L, subsequent coats ~ 60 m2/L or higher

·         Good slip resistantance.

·         Hard and extremely durable to detergent washing, black marks, scuffing and does not discolour white or light-coloured floors; prolongs the life of floors.

Directions for Use

·         Remove old coatings from floor with a good stripper such as ACTION 150 S. For uncoated floors, wash with a detergent such as POWER FORCE. Remove soiled solution with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Mop with clean water to remove all traces of residue.

·         Allow floor to dry completely. Pour 20 PLUS into a clean bucket and using a clean mop, apply uniformly to the floor. Wait 20-30 mins for coating to dry, then apply a second coat.

·         For new, porous or well stripped floors, a third coating is recommended, again after drying.

·         Allow last coat to dry as well before allowing traffic on floor. Do not return unused portion from bucket to container.

·         Estimated coverage:

o    1st coat ~ 30 m2/L

o    2nd coat ~ 50 m2/L

o    higher coverage for further coats

·         To maintain finish, dust mop daily and wet mop with mild detergent regularly to remove abrasive dirt particles. To achieve even glossier finish, burnish with high speed machines and quality buffing solution such as SUN UP PLUS. When finish has dulled,strip and recoat the floor again.


As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. Wash hands after use.



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