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EBMPapst 3314NNS | Quạt tản nhiệt EBMPapst 3314NNS | Fan EBMPapst 3314NNS

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Công ty TNHH Thương mại dịch vụ GREENTECH

33 Đường DC5, Phường Sơn Kỳ, Quận Tân Phú, Tp.HCM

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Product Details

Ebm-papst 3300N Series Ball Bearing DC Axial Fans


From ebm-papst, the 3300N series of DC axial fans have a ball bearing design that ensures smooth operation at any orientation. Their aerodynamically modified housing aids noise reduction, while preserving efficiency. These ball bearing fans are ideal for thermal management applications where high performance is required.


Features and Benefits


• Speed Signal
• Go / No-Go alarm
• External and Internal temperature sensor
• PWM and Analogue control input




Ball bearing axial fans are ideal for high density computer applications, where high performance is required and noise isn’t a consideration.




Q: What are the advantages of ball bearing fans over sleeve bearing fans?

A: Ball bearing fans are typically less prone to wear and tear than sleeve bearing, which makes them ideal for a longer service life. They are also able to operate in higher temperatures, and in any orientation. However, they are less rugged and can be more easily disrupted by impact, and tend to be noisier than their sleeve bearing counterparts.

Q: Is the fan easy to operate?

A:With completely integrated electronic communication, the fans require little input from the user to operate, and easily adapts to the user interface.

Q: Is the fan durable?

A: Constructed from glass fibre reinforced plastic, 3300N series axial fans are protected against a degree of particle ingress as standard. There are also IP68 versions available for operating in more extreme environments (denoted by a U in the manufacturer part number.) and humidity protected versions (denoted by an R in the manufacturer part number.)



Attribute Value
Supply Voltage 24 V dc
Dimensions 92 x 92 x 32mm
AC or DC Operation DC
Height 92mm
Power Consumption 1.8W
Width 92mm
Depth 32mm
Termination Type Lead Wire
Air Flow 80m³/h
Noise Level 35dB
Fan Speed 2650rpm
Bearing Type Ball




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