Lò hấp nướng đa năng, lò hấp nướng Rational, SCC WE 61E, SCCWE 101E

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Xuất xứ :Comenda

Nơi rao bán :Toàn quốc

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Bảo hành :12 tháng

Lò hấp nướng đa năng, lò hấp nướng Rational, SCC WE 61E, SCCWE 101E

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Số 38 Phố Hoàng Ngân, Nhân Chính, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội




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Lo hap nuong da nang Rational
Rational Self Cook Center White Efficiency 61



- Model: Rational SCC WE 101


- Electrical Load: 19.1kW
- Voltages Available: 208, 240, and 480 Volts
- Dimensions: 33.25" x 30.50" x 41"
- Weight: 341 lbs.

- Ideal Meals Per Day Served: Up to 150




- Mã sản phẩm: Rational SCC WE 61 
- Bảo hành: 12 tháng
- Tình trạng: còn 2 sản phẩm
GIÁ: 297.300.000 Đ 277.300.000 Đ
Ngày đăng : 04/09/2014
Lượt xem : 519



Lo hap nuong da nang Rational
ational Self Cook Center White Efficiency 61



- Electrical Load: 11.1kW 
- Model: Rational SCC WE 61
- Voltages Available: 208, 240, and 480 Volts
- Dimensions: 33.25" x 30.50" x 30.75"
- Weight: 243 lbs.
- Ideal Meals Per Day Served: Up to 80

 Manufactured By Rational Manufactured In  Germany

Rational sees Whitefficiency® as a holistic approach. It starts at the product development stage. Here we work together with universities to research innovative solutions aimed at minimizing the consumption of resources. This extends into our environmentally-certified production and even applies to our particularly resourcefriendly sales logistics.


In particular it applies to the way the SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® is used in our customers’ kitchens. There, whitefficiency® pays dividends in the long term. For example, the new dimension in performance always guarantees consistent high food quality, even with large quantities, and thus minimizes waste and the use of raw materials. Or, with our units, a large proportion of the consumption of energy, water or time is eliminated from the start through optimal utilization.

 If we consider that a SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® with its tiny footprint replaces 40-50 % of all conventional cooking appliances, such as ovens, hot air units, tilting pans, boilers, steamers or grills, it soon becomes clear why the word “efficiency” is part of its name.


And lastly, for us, whitefficiency® means always being at your side. Our comprehensive service ensures that you derive the maximum possible benefits from your investment right from the start – and continue to do so for the entire life of the product.


Manufactured By Rational High Density Control:


The new SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® shines in terms of cooking quality and performance. The patented HiDensityControl® itself ensures maximum uniformity every time. It offers a powerful steam generator, dynamic air mixing and heat build-up and extremely effective dehumidification.It incorporates the necessary reserve power needed to perfectly coordinate the precise interaction between power, air humidity and air flow. 

This is the basis for consistence peak performance in every area, rack after rack, from front to back – particularly in large quantities.

Manufactured By Rational Dynamic Air Mixing: 

The new, patented dynamic air mixing combined with the flow-optimized shape of the cooking cabinet ensures that the heat is optimally distributed in the cooking cabinet and is used exactly where it is needed. The fan impeller speeds are precisely regulated, intelligently modulating the air speed in the cooking cabinet. This means that the air flow is perfectly matched to the cooking level of the product with the result that the product receives exactly the amount of energy that it needs to ensure maximum uniformity.


Manufactured By Rational Cabinet Dehumidification:

The new active cooking cabinet dehumidification quickly and reliably takes effect, whatever the circumstances. This ensures crunchy crackling, crisp breaded coatings and succulent roasts – even with large quantities.

Manufactured By Rational Hygenic Steam: 

The powerful fresh steam generator with its new efficient steam control combines the benefits of cooking in water and maximum humidity with those of steaming. Resulting in minimal heating times, intense color and appetizing flavor. Not to mention the retention of vitamins and minerals. Constant steam temperatures at all times and maximum steam saturation guarantee the best food quality. The new steam control ensures that the hygienic fresh steam flows around the food consistantly and gently. Not even the most sensitive products will dry out, and there is no need to use a water softener.

Manufactured By Rational Intelligent Controls:

Regardless of whether you are preparing fish, meat, poultry, eggs, side dishes or bakery products, whether the products are large or small, and no matter how many you are cooking at the same time or whether someone else is doing the cooking …

SelfCookingControl® always controls the cooking process in the best way for each product that takes your desired result into account. And that, in turn, is guaranteed to deliver consistently superior results.

How does SelfCookingControl® work? It’s very simple. At your fingertips you have access to the cooking experience gathered by hundreds of chefs over the decades. You select your desired result for any product – from roasts to cookies – and then simply forget about it until it is ready. SelfCookingControl® uses sensors to detect the size of the product and the load size. With up to 60 measurements per minute, SelfCookingControl® ensures precise control of the cooking process, always perfectly matched for the needs of your food.

Even typical national preferences are taken into account. As a French native, for example, you probably prefer your steak cooked very rare. SelfCookingControl® will know this from the country setting. You can even cook different-sized products at the same time. SelfCookingControl® signals as soon as the smallest is ready, and continues cooking the next largest to perfection, with the same browning level.

Manufactured By Rational Efficient Level Control:

In preproduction, on the à la carte side or when setting out breakfast or lunchtime buffets, the chef has to be able to prepare a variety of dishes quickly and flexibly. But he also has to make sure that quality does not drop in the chaos of daily business and thus leave a negative impression with the guests.

With the new Whitefficiency this is not a problem.  Simply choose a category, creat a list of foods or "shopping cart" and drop and drag your foods into the shopping cart.  Then, simply activate the shopping cart.  This will bring up all the foods listed on the screen.  Touch the food you want to put into the unit and drag it to the shelf you are putting it on.  Then repeat this process.  This will allow you to cook the "Breakfast" shopping cart, all individual items, at the same time on different shelves.  The unit will tell you when each item is done and when to remove it.  When you remove the item on shelf 5, the timers stop on the other items until you close the door again.  At that time they will continue.
lo hap nuong da nang rational
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