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Advanced vacuum sealing machine VC77 with Touch Screen technology and built-in bag cutter Makes you work more convenient It also has the function of storing wine or marinating meat faster for most housewives. The cutting platform makes a beautiful cut. And can be reused. The VC77 also supports use with a vacuum jar. (Optional). Confidence in suction power (-0.7bar) More durable with 3 mm. thick seal strips. Used only with embossing vacuum seal bags. Gentle mode can be selected to prevent...



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Vacuum Sealer The VC77 universal vacuum sealer can be used to seal vacuum against dry goods or dried food (do not allow water to enter the machine).

This model machine There are various facilities.

– Install blades for use in bag cutting

– There is a blade system to perforate the package.

– Compatible with vacuum boxes and vacuum corks (Optional)

– Best suited for sealing bags, powdered goods

TVC (Product Introduction Video)



Install the blade for cutting bags. Can cut the bag to the desired size

Comes with the function of fermenting food With a vacuum system

Use with a vacuum jar. Supports Marinate, economical and can be reused.

Can be used with vacuum cork stoppers In order to preserve wine quality

Advanced design with Touch-screen system

Seal width with a 4 mm thick seal strip. 30 cm wide seal strip

Larger vacuum suction compartment For fast sealing

Vacuum suction port for connecting suction pipes To seal wine bottles

Our vacuum sealer There are many more to choose from.

WHY US? (How Good is Vacuum Sealer SGE)

Products manufactured through EN standards (European Standard) such as EN 60335-1: 2012 + A11: 2014

The product is guaranteed for 6 months.

The product has a 7-day replacement warranty. Warranty Details

An experienced team is able to look after and advise throughout the operation.

Technician team ready to support To solve the problem

Stock spare parts To support orders at all times.

With delivery throughout Thailand With private transport

Can check the product by yourself before shipping.


REVIEW (Video Instruction) 

STEP BY STEP (product sealing procedure Vacuum machine)

1. Put the seal of the bag in Vacuum seal room area

2. Press the Food button to select the appropriate mode for Dry food.

3. Close the lid to allow locking. After that, press the Vacuum Seal button.

4. Wait until the machine is finished working. Then unlock both sides to get a beautiful result.

Sealing procedure Vacuum jar

1. Plug the supplied cable into the hole on the side of the machine, plug it back in.

2. Press the Marinate button to switch to mode. Vacuum sealer for fermentation

3. Wait until the operation noise goes off. After that, pull out the cable, the cable above the bowl is complete.

Wine bottle seal process

1.Plug the supplied cable into the hole on the side of the device, plug the cork back

2. Press the Cannister button to start the vacuum seal. After that, the machine has a working sound.

3. Wait for the operation noise to turn off and take the cord out. The cork cork will firmly finish.

HIGHLIGHTS (Vacuum Sealer Features)

  • Prevent food from being directly exposed to the air Which may cause mold Maintain food quality Can be kept longer.
  • HOT !!!! With a 1-year free warranty for the device (details of product insurance do not cover wear and tear, such as seal strips, Teflon tires)
  • Vacuum sealer Able to seal with all types of food such as meat, fruit, dry food, cereal
  • Able to seal powdered products such as cayenne pepper, garlic powder.
  • Save space for storing food And orderly in the refrigerator
  • Reducing the smell of food caused by storing various kinds of food in the refrigerator.
  • NEW Feature !! Can determine the strength of the vacuum suction Suitable for products that are easily bruised, such as fish Or products that are easily broken.
  • NEW Feature !! Can determine the strength of the vacuum suction Suitable for products that are easily bruised, such as fish Or products that are easily broken
  • NEW Feature !! Installed a food fermentation system With a vacuum room system So that the meat can be marinated to taste in less time.
  • NEW Feature !! Install air suction system Use with vacuum box (No accessories included) Economical and can be reused.
  • NEW Feature !! Install air suction system Used with vacuum cork stopper (optional, not included), perfect for keeping wine taste great.
  • NEW Feature !! This machine comes with a cutting platform. And the bag size scale Can be used with a variety of roll embossing bags
  • NEW Feature !! Install a tear-proof system to make the customer convenient to use
  • NEW Feature !! Can be used with side pleat bags and rice blocks To seal the rice in a beautiful square shape, preventing various moth moths


Details Information
Vacuum sealer Model VC77
Current 220V or general home lighting
Electric power 125W
Body size outside 40.1 x 20.1 x 8.7 cm
Machine weight 3kg
Air pressure (-0.7bar)
Supported bag size Width 30 cm

BAGS (Bags that can be used with Vacuum Sealer VC77)

Vacuum seal : embossing vacuum seal bag

Bag sealing : hot bags, cooler bags, embossing vacuum seal bags, smooth vacuum seal bags

SAMPLES (Examples of products used with vacuum sealers VC77)

Shrimp Cocktail Pre-Sealed with Gentle Mode / Unique shrimp meat after seal with Gentle mode.

Using together with Rice box / sample after vacuum seal is finished, pack rice

Fried fish before vacuum seal Used together with embossing / back seal bag for fried fish Should let the oil run out first

First, seal with cookies inside the bag. Patterned sleeping / back seal with Gentle vacuum mode, but the cookies are not broken.

Samples before the pork sausage seal with the VC77 / later seal with the pork sausage beautifully arranged

Pork sausage with picture before vacuum seal / after vacuum seal Exhausted all the air

What in the box (What’s in the box?)

The characteristics of the VC77 vacuum packing machine


  • The machine is stronger and bigger allowing for a wider seal bag while being lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The width of the seal strip can be up to 30 centimeters.
  • Beautiful design comes with Touch screen system. Just touch lightly. The machine is ready to use.
  • Comes with a cutting platform Bag scale and easy-to-use cut scale.
  • Various operating modes such as conventional vacuum sealer / vacuum can sealer / wine bottle sealer / vacuum food fermentation function.
  • Strong suction power Better able to use with damp items.
  • Compatible with general home electricity 220 V


  • The size of the bag and the product inside the bag should be the same size. Because if the bag is too large The tongue suction is attached to the bag, causing suction. Suction is not good as it should.
  • Embossing type vacuum bags should be used only for vacuum sealing.
  • The machine should be cleaned and vacuumed into the vacuum system. Every time after use To prevent clogging
  • The machine should be rested for 20-30 seconds every vacuum seal To preserve the device and the seal strip.
  • Should keep cleaning the seal strip To prevent the seal strip from burning Making it unable to seal the bag beautifully Or if the Teflon seal strip starts to burn, replace immediately
  • Should use vacuum seal with dry goods only If water gets inside the device, it will damage the machine immediately.


1. Order through the company’s Inbox at (best)

2. Order via LINE @ at: @sgethai (best)

3. Order by phone at: 02-294-5770 / 086-199-8958 (Express) / 093-767-2895 (Express)

4. Order through the website

Products shipped via Kerry Express take 1-2 business days to deliver and can be paid at the destination.

WARRANTY (Product Warranty Conditions)

Warranty for a new device from the date of purchase within 7 days if the device is defective under the conditions below.This warranty does not cover any products or parts. That has been damaged or damaged due to

1. There are abnormal conditions in the form of a broken, broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, deformed, cracked, pierced, missing part.

2. The product has been modified, modified, or repaired by someone other than the company service center.

3. There is a condition that should not occur with normal use or incorrect storage, such as water stains, rust marks, moss, burns

4. Products have been used incorrectly or have incorrect storage. Or an accident with the product

5. Damage caused by connecting peripherals

6. Product damage due to external factors such as power failure, overload, lightning etc.

7. Damage caused by natural disasters 8. Damaged products resulting from neglect not to clean after use

8. Damaged products resulting from neglect not to clean after use

*** Note

– If the product is not within the warranty terms, the customer agrees to collect the spare parts and repair service without condition.

–  This service can only be used for products under warranty.

– Not including repair service fees

Purchased products if damaged outside of the conditions, no return And the device has a full one-year warranty. If it is broken under the conditions, we will replace it immediately!!


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can this machine be used with products that have sauce / water?

–  Can be used but should be cleaned after every use And be careful not to allow the sauce / water into the machine too much.

Can this machine be used with powdered products?

–  Can be used but should be cleaned after every use to prevent debris clogging

Can this model be used continuously?

– Can be used continuously at a certain level But should rest the machine every 20-30 seconds after the seal every time

How long is the warranty? Have any spare parts changed? And which item is deteriorating quickly?

– We have 1 month product warranty for this model. And change products within 7 days (product warranty details do not cover wear and tear such as seal strips, Teflon tires)

– Parts that wear out quickly are parts that require heat all the time, such as sealing strips, Teflon rubber bands.

Why does the seal release and / or inflate the bag?

– The first thing is to look at the quality of the bag. Because if not a particular vacuum bag, it may leak. Another reason is that the air is ejected from fresh food products and foods that are very sharp. Until stabbing the bag out while the vacuum seal.

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