Chuột quang (mouse) Dell Optical MS111 Black USB chính hãng

(1 đánh giá)

120,000 VND

Xuất xứ :DELL

Nơi rao bán :Toàn quốc

Tình trạng :Mới 100%

Ngày cập nhật :04-10-2020 14:21:58

Bảo hành :02 năm

Chuột quang (mouse) Dell Optical MS111 Black USB chính hãng Độ nhạy 1000dpi, chiều dài dây 1.85m thích hợp cho game, văn phòng

Số lượng:
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897 Lê Thanh Nghị - TP. Hải Dương


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Tên thiết bị:  Chuột  quang (mouse) Dell Optical MS111 Black USB

Model:   MS111

Thương hiệu:  DELL

Giá: 120.000 VNĐ

Bảo hành: 02 năm

Tình trạng: hàng mới, chính hãng 100%

Thời gian đặt hàng: 1 - 2 ngày

Tech Specs
Quick Specs
Device Type
Connectivity Technology
Wired - USB
Movement Detection Technology
Scrolling wheel
Cables Included
1 x USB cable - integrated
Device Type
Input Device
Connectivity Technology
1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
Movement Detection Technology
Scrolling wheel
Buttons Qty
Movement Resolution
1000 dpi
1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
Right and Left-Handed
Expansion / Connectivity
1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
Cables Included
1 x USB cable - integrated
Software Requirements
None required
OS Required
Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7
System Requirements Details
None required



Add comfort and control to your computing experience with MS111 USB Optical Mouse from DellTM. The high-performance optical engine captures small movement inputs with ease. Ease-of-use and better reliability are assured because there are no moving parts to wear out or collect dirt and dust. Featuring three buttons, this mouse is ideal for Internet enthusiasts and gamers alike with fast and accurate responses. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

Manufacturer Part# : 5Y2RG
Dell Part# : 330-9456


This product is compatible with the following systems:
Adamo 13
Adamo XPS
Alienware Area - 51
Alienware Area - 51 ALX
Alienware Aurora
Alienware Aurora ALX
Alienware Aurora R2
Alienware Aurora R3
Alienware Aurora R4
Alienware M11x
Alienware M11x R2
Alienware M11x R3
Alienware M14x
Alienware M15x
Alienware M17x
Alienware M17x R2
Alienware M17x R3
Alienware M17x R4
Alienware M18x
Alienware M18X R2
Alienware X51
Chromebook 3120
Dimension 1100
Dimension 2300
Dimension 2350
Dimension 2400
Dimension 2400C
Dimension 3000
Dimension 3100
Dimension 4500
Dimension 4500S
Dimension 4550 (400MHz Front Side Bus)
Dimension 4550 (533MHz Front Side Bus)
Dimension 4600 (APG Video Card)
Dimension 4600 (Integrated Graphics)
Dimension 4600C
Dimension 4700
Dimension 4700C
Dimension 5100
Dimension 5100C
Dimension 5150
Dimension 5150C
Dimension 8300
Dimension 8400
Dimension 9100
Dimension 9150
Dimension 9200
Dimension 9200C
Dimension B110
Dimension C521
Dimension E310
Dimension E510
Dimension E520
Dimension E521
Dimension XPS Generation 3
Dimension XPS Generation 4
Dimension XPS Generation 5
Inspiron 1090 (DUO)
Inspiron 1120
Inspiron 1150
Inspiron 1200
Inspiron 1300
Inspiron 13R (N3010)
Inspiron 13z (5323)
Inspiron 14 (1464)
Inspiron 14 (3421)
Inspiron 1420
Inspiron 14R (5420)
Inspiron 14R (5421)
Inspiron 14R (N4010)
Inspiron 14R (N4110)
Inspiron 14z (1470)
Inspiron 14z (5423)
Inspiron 14z (N411z)
Inspiron 15 (1525)
Inspiron 15 (1526)
Inspiron 15 (1545)
Inspiron 15 (1564)
Inspiron 15 (3520)
Inspiron 15 (3521)
Inspiron 1501
Inspiron 1520
Inspiron 1521
Inspiron 1546
Inspiron 15R (5520)
Inspiron 15R (5521)
Inspiron 15R (7520)
Inspiron 15R (N5010)
Inspiron 15R (N5110)
Inspiron 15z (1570)
Inspiron 15z (5523)
Inspiron 17 (1750)
Inspiron 17 (1764)
Inspiron 17 (3721)
Inspiron 1720
Inspiron 1721
Inspiron 17R (5720)
Inspiron 17R (5721)
Inspiron 17R (7720)
Inspiron 17R (N7010)
Inspiron 17R (N7110)
Inspiron 2200
Inspiron 2650
Inspiron 4100
Inspiron 500m
Inspiron 5100
Inspiron 518
Inspiron 519
Inspiron 530
Inspiron 530s
Inspiron 531
Inspiron 531s
Inspiron 535
Inspiron 535S
Inspiron 545
Inspiron 545s
Inspiron 546
Inspiron 546s
Inspiron 560
Inspiron 560s
Inspiron 570
Inspiron 580
Inspiron 580s
Inspiron 6000
Inspiron 600m
Inspiron 630m
Inspiron 6400
Inspiron 640m
Inspiron 710m
Inspiron 8200
Inspiron 8500
Inspiron 8600
Inspiron 9200
Inspiron 9300
Inspiron 9400
Inspiron B120
Inspiron B130
Inspiron E1405
Inspiron E1505
Inspiron E1705
Inspiron M101z
Inspiron M4110
Inspiron M5010
Inspiron M5030
Inspiron M5110
Inspiron Mini 10 (1012)
Inspiron Mini 10 (1018)
Inspiron Mini 10v (1011)
Inspiron Mini 12 (1210)
Inspiron mini 9 (910)
Inspiron N4020
Inspiron N4030
Inspiron N5030
Inspiron N5040
Inspiron N5050
Inspiron One 23 (2330)
Inspiron One 2310
Inspiron XPS Gen 2
Inspiron Zino HD
Latitude 10 (ST2)
Latitude 10 (ST2e)
Latitude 110L
Latitude 120L
Latitude 13
Latitude 131L
Latitude 2100
Latitude 2110
Latitude 2120
Latitude 6430u
Latitude D410
Latitude D420
Latitude D430
Latitude D500
Latitude D505
Latitude D510
Latitude D520
Latitude D530
Latitude D531
Latitude D600
Latitude D610
Latitude D620
Latitude D630
Latitude D630 XFR
Latitude D631
Latitude D800
Latitude D810 (Integrated Graphics)
Latitude D810 (Radeon x600 Graphics)
Latitude D820
Latitude D830
Latitude E4200
Latitude E4300
Latitude E4310
Latitude E5400
Latitude E5410
Latitude E5420
Latitude E5430
Latitude E5500
Latitude E5510
Latitude E5520
Latitude E5530
Latitude E6220
Latitude E6230
Latitude E6320
Latitude E6330
Latitude E6400
Latitude E6400 ATG
Latitude E6400 XFR
Latitude E6410
Latitude E6410 ATG
Latitude E6420
Latitude E6420 ATG
Latitude E6420 XFR
Latitude E6430
Latitude E6430 ATG
Latitude E6430s
Latitude E6500
Latitude E6510
Latitude E6520
Latitude E6530
Latitude L13
Latitude ST
Latitude X1
Latitude XT
Latitude XT2
Latitude XT2 XFR
Latitude XT3
Latitude Z
OptiPlex 160
OptiPlex 160L
OptiPlex 170L DT
OptiPlex 170L MT
OptiPlex 210L DT
OptiPlex 210L MT
OptiPlex 3010
Optiplex 320 DT
Optiplex 320 MT
OptiPlex 330 DT
OptiPlex 330 MT
OptiPlex 360 DT
OptiPlex 380 DT
OptiPlex 380 MT
Optiplex 380 SFF
OptiPlex 580 DT
OptiPlex 7010
Optiplex 740 DT
Optiplex 740 MT
OptiPlex 745 DT
OptiPlex 745 MT
OptiPlex 745 SFF
OptiPlex 745c
Optiplex 755 Energy Smart DT
Optiplex 755 Energy Smart MT
Optiplex 755 Energy Smart SFF
Optiplex 755 Energy Smart USFF
OptiPlex 760 DT
Optiplex 780 DT
Optiplex 780 MT
Optiplex 780 SFF
Optiplex 780 USFF
OptiPlex 9010a
OptiPlex 9020 AIO
OptiPlex 960
OptiPlex 980 DT
OptiPlex FX160
OptiPlex FX170
OptiPlex GX150 SFF
OptiPlex GX150 USFF
OptiPlex GX240 MT
OptiPlex GX240 SFF
OptiPlex GX260 DT
OptiPlex GX260 MT
OptiPlex GX260 SFF
OptiPlex GX270 DT
OptiPlex GX270 MT
OptiPlex GX270 SFF
OptiPlex GX280 DT
OptiPlex GX280 MT
OptiPlex GX280 SFF
OptiPlex GX50 DT (< 1.2 Ghz)
OptiPlex GX50 DT (>= 1.2 Ghz)
OptiPlex GX50 USFF (< 1.2 Ghz)
OptiPlex GX50 USFF (>= 1.2 Ghz)
OptiPlex GX520 DT
OptiPlex GX520 MT
OptiPlex GX520 SFF
OptiPlex GX60 DT
OptiPlex GX60 MT
OptiPlex GX60 SFF
OptiPlex GX620 DT
OptiPlex GX620 MT
OptiPlex GX620 SFF
OptiPlex GX620 USFF
OptiPlex SX260 DT
OptiPlex SX270 DT
OptiPlex SX280 DT
OptiPlex XE DT
Optiplex XE SFF
Precision M20
Precision M2300
Precision M2400
Precision M4300
Precision M4400
Precision M4500
Precision M4600
Precision M4700
Precision M50
Precision M60
Precision M6300
Precision M6400
Precision M65
Precision M6500
Precision M6600
Precision M6700
Precision M70
Precision M90
Precision Workstation 210
Precision Workstation 220
Precision Workstation 330
Precision Workstation 340
Precision Workstation 350
Precision Workstation 360 DT
Precision Workstation 360 MT
Precision Workstation 370 DT
Precision Workstation 370 MT
Precision Workstation 380
Precision Workstation 380 Extreme Edition
Precision Workstation 390
Precision Workstation 400
Precision Workstation 410
Precision Workstation 420
Precision Workstation 450
Precision Workstation 470
Precision Workstation 490
Precision Workstation 650
Precision Workstation 670
Precision Workstation 690 (1 Kw Power Supply)
Precision Workstation 690 (750 Mw Power Supply)
Precision Workstation R5400
Precision Workstation T1500
Precision Workstation T1650
Precision Workstation T3400
Precision Workstation T3500
Precision Workstation T3600
Precision Workstation T5400
Precision Workstation T5500
Precision Workstation T5600
Precision Workstation T7400
Precision Workstation T7500
Precision Workstation T7600
Studio 1457
Studio 1458
Studio 14z (1440)
Studio 15 (1537)
Studio 1536
Studio 1569
Studio 1735
Studio 1737
Studio 1745
Studio 1747
Studio 1749
Studio Desktop
Studio Hybrid
Studio One 19 (1909)
Studio Slim DT
Studio XPS 13 (M1340)
Studio XPS 16 (1640)
Studio XPS 16 (1645)
Studio XPS 16 (1647)
Studio XPS 435t/9000
Studio XPS 7100
Studio XPS 8000
Studio XPS 8100
Studio XPS 9100
Vostro 1000
Vostro 1014
Vostro 1015
Vostro 1088
Vostro 1220
Vostro 1310
Vostro 1320
Vostro 1400
Vostro 1440
Vostro 1500
Vostro 1510
Vostro 1520
Vostro 1540
Vostro 1700
Vostro 1710
Vostro 1720
Vostro 200
Vostro 200s
Vostro 220
Vostro 220s
Vostro 230 MT
Vostro 230 ST
Vostro 2420
Vostro 2510
Vostro 2520
Vostro 260s
Vostro 270
Vostro 270s
Vostro 320 All-in-One
Vostro 3300
Vostro 3350
Vostro 3360
Vostro 3400
Vostro 3450
Vostro 3460
Vostro 3500
Vostro 3550
Vostro 3555
Vostro 3560
Vostro 3700
Vostro 3750
Vostro 400
Vostro 410
Vostro 420
Vostro 430
Vostro A100
Vostro A180
Vostro A840
Vostro A860
Vostro A90
Vostro V13
Vostro V130
Vostro V131
XPS 10
XPS 12
XPS 13
XPS 14 (L412z)
XPS 14 (L421X)
XPS 15 (L501X)
XPS 15 (L502x)
XPS 15 (L521X)
XPS 15z
XPS 17 (L702X)
XPS 18 (1810)
XPS 200
XPS 210
XPS 400
XPS 410
XPS 420
XPS 430
XPS 600
XPS 625
XPS 630
XPS 630I
XPS 700
XPS 710
XPS 710 (1 Kw Power Supply)
XPS 710 (750 Mw Power Supply)
XPS 720
XPS 720 H2C
XPS 720 Red
XPS 730
XPS 730X
XPS 8300
XPS 8500
XPS M1210
XPS M1330
XPS M140
XPS M170
XPS M1710
XPS M1730
XPS M2010
XPS One 27 (2710)
XPS One 27 MLK

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