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Bộ đánh lửa HE-PP-12 Fireye

SureFire II High Energy Spark Igniter


Fireye SureFire™ II High Energy Spark Igniters (HESI) are well suited to ignite most gaseous and liquid fuels, either by first igniting a pilot or directly igniting the main burner.


  • Selectable voltage ( 115/230 vac ).
  • Visual indication of spark operation
  • Proof of spark relay
  • Choice of system, Integrated or Kit or Kit with Quick Disconnect
  • Thermal cutout protection integrated in transformer
  • ATEX options
  • Compact "co-axial" retractors
  • Safety bleed resistor discharges capacitors in 120 seconds.

HE-PP-12 Fireye Ignition Unit