Microlab  centrifuge tubes are made of high quality, crystal-clear polypropylene Furthermore, the universal design make the tubes are suitable for most brand of centrifuge. Additionally, either sterilized or non- sterilized products are available in order to satisfy the different research requirements and enhance the practicability. All the features allow them is widely used in chemical and life science research.
•          Available with almost all kinds of volume
•          Conical bottom and self-standing bottom
•          With a large frosting white printed writing area provide easy and legible mark
•          Both the graduations and writing areas are chloroform-resistant
•          Autoclavable at 121℃and freezable to -80℃
•          Leak-proof
•          Cell Centrifugation: pelleting; separation by density gradients
•          Molecular biology: e.g. concentrating bacteria for DNA isolation; purification and precipitation of nucleic acids
•          Centrifugation of precipitates
Order Information

Item .No. Description Pack Qty Case Qty
CT000NA Micro Centrifuge Tubes, 0.5ml, Conical, Graduated, Non-sterilized 1000 30000
CT001NA Micro Centrifuge Tubes, 1.5ml, Conical, Graduated, Non-sterilized 500 10000
CT002NA Micro Centrifuge Tubes, 2.0ml, Conical, Graduated, Non-sterilized 500 10000
CT015NA Centrifuge Tubes, 15ml, Conical, Graduated, Non-sterilized 100 500
CT015SA Centrifuge Tubes, 15ml, Conical, Graduated, Sterile 100 500
CT050NA Centrifuge Tubes, 50ml, Conical, Graduated, Non-sterilized 50 500
CT050SA Centrifuge Tubes, 50ml, Conical, Graduated, Sterile 50 500
CT150NA Centrifuge Tubes, 50ml, Self-Standing, Graduated, Non-sterilized 50 500
CT150SA Centrifuge Tubes, 50ml, Self-Standing, Graduated, Sterile 50 500

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