Pressure Transmitter STS SENSOR Vietnam


Đại lý phân phối STS SENSOR Vietnam, Máy phát áp suất STS SENSOR Vietnam

STS sensor Vietnam



Pressure Transmitter STS SENSOR Vietnam, Code: DTM.OCS.S/N  132988
Description: Pressure Transmitter
Housing material: 1.4435
Pressure type Gauge
Pressure range 0 … 1.6 bar
Overpressure: 3xFS
Process connection: G 1/4 B804:R806F
Electrical connection: connector Binder 723, 5 pins, demountable
Output signal: 4 … 20 mA with surge protection
Supply voltage: 9 … 33 V DC
Connection configuration: 1:Pout 3:+Vin
Maximum process temperature: 125°C
Accuracy <=+/- 0.05% FS
Compensated temperature range: -5 … 50°C
Temperature measuring range: -5 … 50°C
Temperature measuring: intergrated
Seals: Viton
Old part number: Temperature measuring
STS SENSOR Vietnam Code: 118899
Description: Connector for DTM.OCS.S/N IP68
Housing material: 1.4435
Connection configuration: wh:+Vin:3 br:+RS485:1 ye:GND:4 gn:-RS485:2 bk:Shield:6
Cable length [m]: 50
Seals: Viton
Old part number: 104.15.U
STS SENSOR Vietnam Code: ART01250
Description: This cable is a component
of above mentioned item


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